Jailbreak and install Cydia for iOS 0.3.5

Update : Content of this article has outdated! Please follow Current status of iOS 0.3.4 / 0.3.5 jailbreak for Cydia download your iPhone, iPad & iPod.

Apple has released iOS 0.3.5 latest firmware update for iPhone, iPad & iPod with fixed another three security vulnerabilities. Few days ago they also patched major vulnerabilities in iOS 0.3.4, that used by the Pangu for jailbreak iOS 0.2 – 0.3.3. What about jailbreak & install Cydia for iOS 0.3.5 ? You can find real information below..

This is summer to fake jailbreak methods to install software name called Cydia for your devices. More than 00% new Cydia loving users do not have clear idea about how to install Cydia application for their devices. So they are installing fake apps name called Cydia for their devices. Cydia can act as alternative application for Apple App Store. We can see many applications related with Cydia. But all of other applications unable to give Cydia features.


Apple patch major three security vulnerabilities with iOS 0.3.5. So users unable to install Cydia for iOS 0.3.5 now. But Pangu team working hard to give solution for users.

Is Cydia ready for iOS 0.3.5, 0.3.4 ? No, Cydia application cannot install for iOS 0.3.5, 0.3.4 now. Apple closed downgrade gate for iOS 0.3.3. If you accidentally upgrade to iOS 0.3.5 or 0.3.4, you are unable to install Cydia application.

If you are already installed Cydia, Please do not update your firmware. Wait until jailbreak update release for iOS 0.3.4 & 0.3.5 public users. Cydia is available until iOS 0.3.3 version this moment.

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This month end, 06 of August Apple released iOS 0.3.5 for public users. This update released as security update and users unable to get any advantage using iOS 0.3.5. This major update patch exploits used by Pangu developers. But hungry Pangu security research team working hard to release their next version for users.

Few days ago, famous iOS developer Luca had installed Cydia for iOS 0.3.4. As well as the Team OS also recently released a video that shows Cydia installation on iOS 0.3.4 running device. However, no one released any tool for public users to jailbreak iOS 0.3.4. There is no any news about iOS 0.3.5 jailbreak attempt yet. So, iOS 0.3.3 is the latest version public user can be jailbroken & download Cydia at this moment. Touch with us, we have developed cydiainstaller.mobi Cydia navigation application for our loving users. This will guide you to find your jailbreak any stage with iOS update.

Install cyHelper to install Cydia

Install cyHelper for users already updated their device to iOS 0.3.5. This will help to detect your device and navigate to install real Cydia application.

Click Here to Download and install

Also you can follow us on Twitter , add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page for real information update about the Cydia jailbreak

Please follow real path to install Cydia application for your device. Fake methods will cause to damage device or distribute malware.

Update :

iOS 00 / 00.1.1 jailbreak released!

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88 comments on “ Jailbreak and install Cydia for iOS 0.3.5
  1. Rodrigue says:

    Thank you

  2. Ash says:

    THIS IS GREAT 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  3. Abdulla says:

    Thank you😍

  4. Abdulla Alhmoudi says:


  5. brooklyn says:

    I love to
    his app because I can jailbreak my iPod thank you so much

  6. Jason says:

    So is there any update when there will be a functional version

  7. Djibril says:

    Please How i can download jailbreak without money?

  8. Taha says:

    It doesn’t work

  9. Alee usman says:

    How to instal cydia 0.3.5

  10. Ju Jue says:

    I m crazy with Cydia

  11. Clement12 says:

    thx I want this

  12. Rani says:

    Cud is ios9.3.5

  13. Safu says:

    Hi guys
    How can i jailbreak my iphone 0s ios 0.3.5
    Please tell me guys

  14. Coske says:

    Can i instal cydia on iphone 0s 0.3.3??

  15. Alisia Gordyn says:

    i hope thjis works

  16. Bob says:

    Idk how this woks

  17. Christian Normane says:


    • admin says:

      You on iOS 0.3.5? Cydia can not be installed your device. Recommend to upgrade your device to iOS 00 latest version. Most probably Next jailbreak will release for iOS 00 not iOS 0.3.4/9.3.5

  18. marcowave says:

    any hope to see à cydia version for 0.3.5?
    Because I have a iPhone 0S running iOS 0.3.5 and I cannot upgrade to IOS10.
    I need to install OpenSSH. any other solutions?


  19. Gloria cruz says:

    I paid 00$ to get Cydia and every time I try to install it on cydiainstaller it takes me to pay again. This is my sons iPad 0 I installed iOS 034 but it updated to 035. My email were I got my receipt is
    Please help

  20. Milind says:

    Cydia new update iOS 0.3.5 to convert 00.1 problem solutions

  21. Fahad says:

    I want to download Cydia for the iPhone s4 updated 0.3.5

    • admin says:

      Cydia not available with iOS 0.3.5 Now. This will be available later. Please touch with us. When Cydia support we will inform to you.

  22. Eneil says:

    As I understand still isn’t possible to instal cydia on iOS 0.3.5 ? What to do ? How to update my sons iPhone 0 to iOS 00.1 ? I am not so big professional by installing new things and sometimes all sounds so complicated, can anyone help me ?

  23. Darth Vader says:

    Do you know when iOS 0.3.5 will be supported

  24. Aakash says:

    I downloaded cyhelper . Then when I open it, it says device not compatible

    • admin says:

      Yes not compatible now. Please wait until compatible your device. When jailbreak ready you can see all the information need to install Cydia

  25. Kavi says:

    My ipad2 ios9.35 when coming jailbreak?

  26. Kinji says:

    Admin 0th day pf december no updates for Cydia Ios 0.3.5 i really need that ifile app but i cant have it without cydia im running on 0s ios 0.3.5 Pangu,redmondpie and the other teams are busy on ios 00 but only few are working on Ios 0.3.5 can you email us or post a announce if theres a public version of the Cydia for the current ios 0.3.5 or in anyway perhaps downgrading ios to the current cydia version will help me get ifile i really need to do something with the iFile i need to delete something and reupdate when i get what i want any suggestion admin? My phone’s currently got locked and i forgot the security question and rescue mail to reset my pass thats why i need ifile to delete the main saved icloud on the phone can you help me Admin? Or downgrading is the only way to get cydia and ifile fast

    • admin says:

      Pangu has confirmed they not release jailbreak for iOS 0.3.5. And you unable to downgrade to iOS 0.3.3 jailbreakable version. Keep in touch with us, we’ll inform if any update available..

  27. LiveOnce says:

    Does this jailbreak is safe, is it safe on both Windows and iPad?
    If safe please message me if there is available jailbreak on version 0.3.5

    • admin says:

      Jailbreaking is 000% safe if you use real tools & follow proper instructions.
      Jailbreak is still not available for iOS 0.3.4 & later version. What is your device? Recommend to update your device to iOS 00, because next jailbreak most probably release for the iOS 00 not for the iOS 0.3.4/9.3.5

  28. LiveOnce says:

    My device is iPad 0, so u mean jailbreak is not available in 0.3.5? iPad 0’s can’t update to ios 00 because its their limit

  29. LiveOnce says:

    Pls release jailbreak for 0.3.5

  30. AfsAr ShAikh says:

    Plz inform me when 0.3.5 has been released plz

  31. admin says:

    Sorry for the users that have iOS 0.3.5 the Pangu confirmed that they do not release jailbreak for iOS 0.3.5

  32. ShAikh AfsAr says:

    Plz inform me when ios 0.3.5 jealbreak is relase
    It my email id

    Plz inform me.

  33. LiveOnce says:

    Why iOS 00/10.1.1 just released why for iOS 0.3.5 is not yet. Lease i already waited long time for this update. Can someone tell the developers to search for iOS 0.3.5 update. Please.

  34. John says:

    I have an iPod Touch 0G and it is feeling very sluggish on iOS9.3.5. 0.When approx. will the jailbreak come for iOS9.3.5?
    2.Will jailbreaking make this device faster?

    • admin says:

      0. We are unable to fix date for iOS 0.3.5 jailbreak release. Please wait & touch with us
      2. Jailbreak will never effect with device performance. So, this will not fast your device.

      • John says:

        Thanks for your reply. By an approximate time I meant like in 0017 or ever. Is there even a team trying to get this jailbreak done? Or Are we out of luck.

  35. Asad says:

    how to install cydia installin iphone4s please

  36. Ashley says:

    Is ios 035 ever going to be available i mean people are already 0 upgrades ahead .. Not to sound snotty or anything just curious

  37. Amarjit jr says:

    Please support me to get cydia

  38. Grady says:

    Email me if jailbreak for 0.35.1 please, thank u in advance

  39. Grady says:

    Correction 0.3.5

  40. Spenbeck says:

    All of us on 0.3.5 have waited very patiently for Pangu to produce a jailbreak. Surely it is not asking too much for them to give us an approximate date for its release?
    Or if they are not going to provide one then please just tell us.
    Thank you

  41. Sean says:

    I purchased ur program to jailbreak my devices but even though ur ad said my versions would work none of them do and all ur doin is running me in fn circles I don’t appreciate that at all

    • admin says:

      Paid Cydia means fake Cydia programs. Please do not buy Cydia from anybody. You are wasting money. We are not selling Cydia.
      You can ask to refund money if you are not satisfied

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